ID Course Name Duration Details Register
P8103 Geographic Information Systems 6 months
P8102 Public-private partnerships & build-operate-transfer 2weeks
P8101 Project Planning, Scheduling and Cost Estimating Skills 1 week
P5010 Protocol Event Management (Certified Event Specialist) 1 week
P4089 Project Management: Tools and Techniques 2 weeks
P4082 Understanding Commercial Contracts Workshop 1 week
P4069 Purchasing Management Masterclass 1 week
P4066 Supply Chain and Inventory Management 1 week
P4063 Agile Project Management 1 week
P4055 Contract Administration: Understanding and Implementing Contractual Obligations 2weeks
P4053 International Contracting 1 week
P4051 Inventory and Stock Control Management 2 weeks
P4049 Excellence in Warehouse and Inventory: Best Practices for Managing & Improving Warehouse, Inventory and Stock Control Operations 2weeks
P4048 Managing Tenders, Specifications Contracts 2 weeks
P4046 Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation Strategies 1 week
P4045 Introduction to Business Contracts: A Practical Guide 2weeks
P4044 Project Risk Management & Compliance 1 week
P4042 Contract Risk Management Compliance 1 week
P4041 Managing Vendor Qualification, Performance Contract Compliance 2 weeks
P4040 Managing Negotiating with Consultants Contractors: Selecting, Developing & Working with Suppliers 2 weeks
P4039 Logistics Supply Chain Management 2weeks
P4036 Effective Purchasing, Tendering Supplier Selection 1 week
P4035 Effective Global Procurement 2 weeks
P4034 Tendering, Procurement and Negotiation Skills 1 week
P4033 Supply Chain: Concept, Solution Application 1 week
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