ID Course Name Duration Details Register
PA212 A Premium A-Z Executive PA Masterclass 2 Days
PA210 Comprehensive meeting planning practices AP 1 Day
PA 209 Tips for taking minutes/action points AP 1 Day
PA207 Establishing the objectives of the modern PA 2 Days
M202 Help Desk Manager 1 week
M201 Type& Basics of Human Resource Management 2 weeks
H5000 Conferences :Human Resources Management (Certified HR Professional) 1 Week
M200 Conferences :Business Brain Train: The Whole Brain Approach To Business Effectiveness 1 Week
F3000 Conferences :Financial Management for Projects & Contracts 1 Week
M26554 Leadership, Vision and Organizational Reality 1 Week
c8921 Electrical Faults: Causes, Analysis, Detection & Remedies 2 weeks
c8932 Protection of Electrical Power Systems 2 weeks
M8202 Managing, coordinating and lead proactively 1 WEEK
M112 Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive Skills 1 week
M1360 Advanced Communication and Interpersonal Skills 1 week
M111 Smart Leadership: Achieving Strategy through Leadership and Innovation 1 week
M164 Effective Self Management 1 week
M167 Best Practices in Multi Shift Operations 3 weeks
M1164 The Foundation of Leadership 1 week
M162 Successful Planning, Organising & Delegating 1 week
M160 Strategy, Risks, Negotiation & Leadership 1 week
M159 Communication, Coordination & Leadership 1 week
M155 The Complete Course on Leadership (Certified Leader) 2 weeks
C3102 Supply Chain Risk Management 2 weeks
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