Istanbul ( Turkey )

ID Course Name Duration Details Register
R5015 Implementing and Managing a Customer Complaints System 1 week
R5014 Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills 1 week
R5013 Customer Focused Management 1 week
R5012 Planning and Managing PR Campaigns MBA 1 week
R5011 Beyond Customer Service: Building a Customer Centric Organisation 1 week
R5010 Protocol Event Management (Certified Event Specialist) 1 week
C3025 Oil and Gas Marine Terminals: Operations, Management and Safety in Accordance with International Standards 1 week
C3023 Mastering Training Needs Analysis and Training Evaluation – Fast Track 1 week
C3022 Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines 1 week
M118 Management Skills and Techniques 1 week
C3020 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control 2 weeks
P5010 Protocol Event Management (Certified Event Specialist) 1 week
C3017 Leadership Mastery: Realising your Leadership Potential through Self Discovery 2 weeks
C3016 International Trade Law Practice Under WTO 2 weeks
R5009 The Sales Marketing Management MBA 2weeks
C3015 Inspirational Leadership: Strategy, Culture and Change 1 week
R5008 Achieving Excellence in Customer Service – Providing a Quality Service 1 week
C3014 Human Resources Management (Certified HR Professional) 2 weeks
C3013 Heat Exchangers: Types and Application, Design, Operation and Maintenance 2 weeks
R5007 Customer Service Mindset 1 week
C3012 Financial Strategy & Accounting Skills 2 weeks
R5006 The Customer Service Public Relations Masterclass 2weeks
R5005 Public Relations Corporate Communications (Certified Public Relations Officer) 1 week
C3010 Essential Skills for Effective Training (Certified Training Coordinator) 1 week
C3009 Electrical Faults: Causes, Analysis, Detection & Remedies 1 week
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