ID Course Name Duration Details Register
H5003 The Oxford Way, Metrics and Analytics of HRM Training Programme 1 Month
H5001 CIPD Qualifications 1 week
H5000 Conferences :Human Resources Management (Certified HR Professional) 1 Week
H4058 Essential skills for executive secretaries, personal assistants, office managers and administrative support professional 1 week
H4057 The A – Z of Competency Frameworks 1 week
H4056 Competency Based Interview And Selection For Hiring Managers 1 week
H4051 International Seminar on the Latest Innovations in HR and Leadership 1 week
H4047 Mastering Training Needs Analysis and Training Evaluation & Maximising Training ROI 2 weeks
H4046 Essential Skills for Effective Training (Certified Training Coordinator) 1 week
H4045 The Manpower Planning Masterclass (Certified Manpower Planner) 1 week
H4044 Recruitment and Selection: Methodologies & Techniques 1 week
H4043 The HR Management MBA 2 weeks
H4042 Talent Succession Management Masterclass 1 week
H4041 Compensation Packages and Salary Structure 1 week
H4040 Mastering Human Resource Management 1 week
H4039 The Effective Human Resources Administrator 1 week
H4037 Enhancing the Skills of Training Coordinators 1 week
H4036 Train the Trainer: From Design to Delivery 1 week
H4035 Certified Master Trainer 1 week
H4034 Managing and Coordinating Training Proactively 2 weeks
H4033 Financial Skills for HR Professionals 2 weeks
H4032 Managing People at Work 1 week
H4031 Understanding Human Performance 2 weeks
H4030 Managing Employee Performance, Behaviour & Attitudes 1 week
H4029 HR Skills for HR Assistants 1 week
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