ID Course Name Duration Details Register
B4011 The Essentials of Contracting 1 week
C3151 Environmental Management Certificate 2 weeks
C3148 Contract Administration: Understanding and Implementing Contractual Obligations 1 week
C3147 Climate Change & Emissions Trading Services 1 week
C3146 Advanced Negotiation Skills: Mastering Negotiation Skills 1 week
C3143 Resolving Contractual Claims and Disputes 1 week
C3141 Oil and Gas Laboratory Operations Management 1 week
c100 Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Psychology of Leadership 1 week
C3138 International Trade & Shipping 1 week
C3134 Supply Chain: Concept, Solution & Application 1 week
C3132 Project Risk Management & Compliance 1 week
C3131 Process Equipment & Piping Systems: Application, Design & Operation 2 weeks
C3130 Management – Master Class 1 week
C3129 Leadership, Critical Thinking and Innovation: Igniting Creativity for Workplace Excellence 1 week
C3128 Industrial Instrumentation and Modern Control Systems 1 week
C3127 Fluid Flow Control in the Process Industry 1 week
C3125 Creative Strategic IT Leadership 2 weeks
C3124 Budgeting: Planning, Forecasting, What-if Analysis & Reporting 2 weeks
C3123 Strategy Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage 1 week
C3122 Strategic Sales Planning and Territory Management 1 week
C3121 Sales & Marketing Strategies 1 week
C3120 Production, Planning, Scheduling and Control 1 week
C3119 Pipes and Piping Systems Optimisation 1 week
C3117 Marine Security Management and Control as per ISPS Code 1 week
C3116 Managing Tenders, Specifications & Contracts 1 week
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