The HR Administrator's Role

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The HR Administrator’s Role


The Course

This new and much needed program is offered for the first time this year. The HR administrator’s critical role is rapidly changing; the new importance of HR, its changing shape and responsibilities all require outstanding administrative support and leadership. Two of the world highest paid HR professionals started as HR administrators, it’s a career with no boundaries providing you have the right approach for the new challenges of tomorrow HR.

Some highlights of this course are:

  • You will understand the complete role of HR and the new organizational map
  • Find out the fastest growing area of HR – and why it’s so important
  • Be able to see how HR Data can be better managed and how predictive forecasting works
  • Find out about the 10 key areas of any world class HR function and how they fit together
  • Find out how two key activates in the new HR will dramatically improve HR efficiency

The Goals

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Know and be able to demonstrate to others how a world class integrated HR function operates
  • Be able to show others the real value HR can deliver to any organisation
  • Be able to understand how people are the essential ingredient in any organisation – master personality, competence and performance –the three key people ingredients
  • Use new techniques and software to get the best from your existing HR data
  • Update you own skill level for 2012 and beyond

The Process

  • This course will be presented by a world leader in effective HR. The training will all be practically based, using industry case studies, group work and presentations.
  • Delegates will get a colored wall chart showing the new HR function which will aid future development. New software will be demonstrated linked to case studies
  • Delegates will get the opportunity to see personality profiling and its value for recruitment, development and succession planning

The Benefits

For those attending:

  • Master the complete role of tomorrows world class HR functions
  • Gain confidence through attending a definitive course on HR
  • Learn through practice and be able to return to work with an enhanced skill set
  • Find out what outstanding HR has to offer world class companies
  • Be able to have the confidence and knowledge to become more efficient when returning to work

The Results

For the organisation:

  • Greater HR efficiency
  • Forward and results focused
  • HR will become a better fit with the rest of the organisation
  • Those attending will have a significant skills improvement
  • Those attending will be able to improve on the 10 key HR deliverables
  • This course will provide a high return on investment

The Core Competencies

  • Forward Planning and business results
  • Effective and efficient use of time
  • Mastery of new HR skills
  • Able to create business value
  • Business data management

The Programme Content


Day One

Does HR provide a good service?

  • Introductions and course objectives
  • What does HR do v What should it do
  • How should HR success be measured
  • Getting HR aligned with organizational needs
  • Debrief review
  • Understanding who is our customer

Day Two

HR in alignment from structure to strategy – how it all works

  • Moving to greater effectiveness- the new shape of HR functions
  • The key critical areas of HR –the new HR map of activities
  • Key activity one – where HR fits with organizational strategy
  • Ways of improving co operation between HR and other departments
  • Tools to help us work better with other departments

Day Three

From recruitment to performance appraisal – critical processes

  • Key activity two Recruitment and selection – your involvement in the process. Recruitment is the gateway into the organisation
  • Recruitment in action
  • Recent improvement in the recruitment process and how to streamline the process
  • Key Activity three Performance appraisal – how much does this cost –
  • Is performance appraisal good value? What is it designed to do?
  • The need to measure and collect two critical pieces of data – Competencies and performance ratings. How to improve this process

Day Four

Training and HR processes

  • Key activity four How to code, priorities and get a streamlined system for training
  • The new training schema
  • Activities involved in training – getting it right
  • Key activity five – Pay bonus and rewards – new ideas and methods to improve motivation
  • Key activity six – Grievance – disciplinary and rules and regulations – the most difficult area; disciplinary issues
  • What other companies do – Case Studies

Day Five

Making things happen correctly

  • Key activity seven – HR’s role as leaders
  • Innovation in succession planning – approaches
  • Key activity eight – People are not your most valuable asset – the right people are – measuring human capital
  • Key activity nine – the new HR powerhouse – manpower planning
  • Using HR data to significantly help the business
  • Key activity ten – the role of HR in managing processes

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