Course certificate: Lead Assessor ISO / IEC 17020

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Course certificate: Lead Assessor ISO / IEC 17020

Overview Overview:

The European standards were designed to enhance the confidence of the inspection and conformity authorities, and were based on the experience of the European inspection bodies, taking into consideration the requirements and recommendations of the European and international documents such as ISO 9000, the ISO 9000 and ISO / Guide No. 39


Inspectors carried out evaluations on behalf of customers in the private sector and the institutions that follow them and / or the official authorities in order to provide these parties with information on compliance with the instructions, specifications and standards


The inspection criteria include quantitative, qualitative, safety, suitability, and permanent compliance with plant safety standards and applicable regulations, and the general standards required of these entities should be consistent with European standards in order to be accepted by customers and supervisory authorities


Target group:


Standardization bodies, designation and inspection destinations in Member States


Graduates of science and engineering colleges and scientific technological disciplines interested in the field of inspection and product certification


Institutions and companies that use or want inspection services.


Quality managers in factories and companies wishing to develop their competence to carry out inspections and choose the inspection body


Working as experts and consultants in the field of quality or as inspectors


Course Introduction:


The leadership of the evaluation team requires inspection authorities and general managers not only to know in depth the requirements of the standard and its various explanations, but also the ability to manage the process of assessment and division of roles and resolve differences in addition to knowledge of communication techniques and persuasion. This course provides a detailed explanation of the requirements of this standard and how to apply them. In addition, interactive workshops on ways to communicate with the client and members of the evaluation team and the techniques used to detect cases of nonconformity and convince parties


The aim of the course is to provide participants with:


Know the basics of inspection activity


Knowledge of the elements of ISO 17020 and its relation to testing and certification activities


Learn the ways to lead a team of calendar and task split


Know the ways to detect cases of non-conformity and convince the inspection


Know the accreditation requirements for the GAC


Technical considerations include integrity and efficiency in inspection, and traceability for measurement. Quality system discussions include easy-to-understand approaches that are associated with other internationally recognized standards, conformity assessment










Course Contents:

the first unit:

Background on the concept of ISO / IEC

Evolution of quality concepts and inspection systems

The establishment of standards for quality management systems in general and related to ISO

Return of the application of quality management system and inspection


Module 2:

ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 International Standard Requirements

Statistical methods and the concept of withdrawal and acceptance of samples

Measurement, inspection and testing tools

The personality traits of a successful quality consultant

Gap Analysis Preparation and implementation of gap analysis on the facility


Module 3:

Design of basic documents of the system

Qualification of the consultant to implement the internal audit

Management review meeting and how to manage and implement it

Final evaluation of the quality management system


Module Four:

Presentation on international accreditation and inspection activities at the international level

Requirements related to the organization and management of inspection bodies

Requirements of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and ILAC

Leadership of the evaluation team: basic qualifications and supporting techniques


Fifth Unit:

Background and inspection principles

Scope of the inspection body’s operations

Principles behind inspection

Safety Requirements (Integrity)

Overview of the inspection process

Interoperability of conformity assessment standards

Protect integrity in inspection


Module 6:



Organization and structure

Top management and requirements

Interested parties

Efficiency and infrastructure requirements


Module Seven:

Gain efficiency

equipment and tools

Requirements of the inspection process

Apply and review

Methods of inspection

Decisions, reports and certificates

List and directory


Unit 8:


Continued inspection requirements

System Requirements Management

Options A (17020) and B (9001)

System management and documentation

Document Control


Unit 9:

Control of records

Feedback (including complaints)

Disputes and appeals

Continuous Improvement (Communications, PNCs, Office, CAPA)

internal audit

Management Review


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