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Climate change has taken centre-stage as the pre-eminent global environmental challenge of the 21st century. Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change has, as a result, become a principal objective of business. Delivering these cuts efficiently has led to over 40 governments at regional, national and international level to develop carbon trading regimes.

The essential implication of carbon trading is that an organisation’s climate change strategies are increasingly important in limiting exposure to financial and legal risks. The broader implication of carbon-trading is that increasingly it pays companies to invest in developing a climate change and emissions trading strategy that ensures these risks are limited, and that any potential opportunities that arise from emissions trading are fully exploited.



To provide delegates with the understanding, knowledge and the action-steps that organisations need to take to put their climate change and emission trading strategies together. These action-steps are presented, during the course, by the following topics

  • Understanding the basics: the first step is to understand what climate change and emission trading services are and what they mean for your organisation
  • Emissions trading programme: the development of a climate change and emission trading programme and setting of exposure acceptance parameters
  • Develop a management strategy: selecting internal emission reductions; purchasing credits and/or generating credits in order to ensure compliance of the ‘Kyoto Protocol’
  • Climate Change & Emissions Trading Workshop: workshop case study will learn how to implement each of the action-steps


Conference Methodology

The conference is presented through an interactive presentation, supported by videos, delegate exercises and, a workshop case study in which delegates will learn how to implement each of the action-steps to develop a climate change and emissions trading programme for their organisation.


Organisational Impact

  • Organisation will be able to review their climate change and emission trading strategies
  • Enable delegates to appraise the best cost-benefits options for emission trading services
  • Enable delegates to develop climate change and emissions trading programmes


Personal Impact

  • Promotes a positive attitude and understanding of environmental management and protection
  • Understand what climate change and emission trading services means for your organisation
  • Know how to develop and implement climate change and emissions trading programme



Understanding the Basics

  • What does climate change mean?
  • What is global warming?
  • What are greenhouse gases?
  • What is your company’s exposure to climate change impacts?
  • What is emissions trading and carbon credits?
  • Overview of climate change policy and the ‘Kyoto Protocol’ requirements
  • Video: Climate change
  • Delegate exercise: outline the emission trading principles

Emissions Trading – System Design

  • Forms of emissions trading
  • What are the benefits of emission trading services?
  • Open and closed emission trading systems
  • Establishing baselines and setting emission exposure acceptance criteria
  • Banking and borrowing emission trading and allocated limits
  • Assessing climate change risks and their financial implications
  • Video: Emission trading
  • Delegate exercise: produce framework for emission trading strategy

Develop Management Strategy

  • The three main emission trading service options
  • Internal emission reductions
  • Purchasing credits for compliance
  • Generating credits by investing in external projects
  • What is most cost-effective emission trading route?
  • Developing a combined option portfolio
  • Creating opportunities to capitalise on reduced emissions
  • Delegate exercise: selecting emission trading options

Climate Change & Emissions Trading – Delegate’s Workshop

  • Review of the ‘EU Emissions Trading Scheme’
  • Identifying greenhouse gas emission inventories of your operations
  • Assessing and evaluating your climate change emission risks and impacts
  • Developing an emissions trading policy and strategy
  • Selecting your emission trading service portfolio
  • Producing your emissions trading services programme
  • Establishing your climate changing and emission monitoring and reporting systems
  • Video: Climate change and emission trading

Monitoring & Recording Emission Reductions

  • Identifying your emission reduction monitoring requirements
  • Monitoring and verifying emission reductions system
  • Registering your emission reductions to facilitate carbon trading
  • Quality stamping validity of the emissions reductions
  • Video: Carbon Trading
  • Key Point Summary of Course Topics
  • Award of Certificates
  • Close of Course

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