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Why study for a CIPD Qualification?
The CIPD programmes each year to:
Enhance their knowledge on the latest theory, case studies and insights into best practice HR
Significantly increase their earning potential
Boost their career opportunities as CIPD’s qualifications are valued by employers.

You can be sure a CIPD qualification will equip you with the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for. An HR diploma or certificate brings continuing professional development (CPD), and helps to advance your HR career.

About our CIPD Qualifications
Oakwood’s CIPD qualifications are available at certificate and diploma, from Foundation level (Level 3), Intermediate level (Level 5) and Advanced level (Level 7). We offer a range of HR training courses throughout the year, and in a range of locations across the Middle East and Europe, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Egypt. All our HR courses are accredited by the CIPD, and we are also training provider in the UAE with KHDA-approval.

we has delivered CIPD training and development to thousands of students across the Middle East since 2001. We deliver CIPD training and development from our Centre of Excellence in Dubai and also in a wide range of other training facilities across Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

CIPD training grown from strength to strength in all of the countries we deliver in. The CIPD qualifications have proved to be extremely popular and in high demand with HR staff from organisations across the GCC; Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Find out more below, or browse our available HR course dates to start your CIPD qualification




Specialized course in human resources “CIPD”
A certificate accredited by Chartered Institute for Individuals and Development in Britain,

The course aims to develop the abilities and skills of employees working in government departments and institutions in order to develop the abilities and skills of the employees and to create the appropriate and good environment and to stimulate their abilities and abilities to achieve the strategic objectives to be reached,

The Programme Content
Including three main axes, so that each axis will be discussed
The course provides all practical skills required in the field of human resources. The course includes axes divided sequentially based on their importance in forming a sound base in the human resources departments.

Where the first axis

Discusses the understanding of the actors and the role of human resources in each of them, how to attract the talented, self development to an active practitioner in the human resources units.

The second axis

Discuss best practices in employee relationship management, support best practices in performance management and rewards, record, analyze and use HR data.

The third axis

It focuses on supporting individual learning through training and guidance, supporting the chain of change in institutions and institutions. The participants will be handed over to the course after passing all the stages and the requirements and duties included.

The course also covers most systems and practices in human resources through which the departments seek to achieve the greatest efficiency in the performance of employees in the organization or institution, raise the morale of the employees to motivate them to adhere to and adhere to work, achieve positive competition between human resources for the better, Through the recruitment and recruitment of the best qualified people with experience and knowledge, which will achieve the greatest degree of harmony in the work to raise the level of productivity as well as performance ..
And the systems in the central administration for human resources development, that the specialized course in human resources comes within the management strategies in the rehabilitation and training of civil servants and the development of their abilities and scientific and practical skills by informing them of the best global practices in human resources that contribute to positive change in the institutions they work in .


Managers and heads of human resources and personnel departments
Employees of Human Resources, Personnel and Staff Benefits departments and departments
Employees and managers of the departments and departments of the organization
Certified Professional Certificate from the British Higher Institute for Human Resources and Development.





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