chemical statistical thermodynamics of materials

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chemical statistical thermodynamics of materials

Designed for who have already seen classical thermodynamics, equilibrium chemistry, spectroscopy and quantum mechanics in physical chemistry, this course bridges the fundamental aspects of thermodynamics and quantum chemistry. Thermodynamics is concerned mainly with the properties and actions of the bulk materials, while quantum chemistry looks in detail at individual atoms and molecules. Statistical thermodynamics brings these two different viewpoints together where the bulk material properties and actions are predicted from the properties of the microscopic atoms and molecules. Statistical thermodynamics provides a set of tools for modeling molecular behavior and how it is realized in the macroscopic realm. Most importantly, statistical thermodynamics gives a language for interpreting experiments. Chemicals react and rearrange. Fluids boil, freeze, and evaporate. Proteins fold. This course will study the forces that drive these (and other) processes.

The following topics in classical thermodynamics will be covered:

  • the laws of thermodynamics; conditions for equilibrium
  • solutions
  • excess quantities
  • binary and ternary phase diagrams

Additionally, the following topics in statistical thermodynamics will be covered:

  • statistical definition of entropy
  • ensembles and the Boltzmann and Gibbs distributions
  • quantum and classical ideal gasses
  • the regular solution model

Table of Contents

  1. Preliminaries
  2. Probability and Statistics
  3. Fundamental Concepts and Postulates of Statistical Mechanics
  4. Liouville Theorem and Liouville Equation
  5. Ensembles and Partition Functions: From Postulates to Formulation
  6. Fluctuations and Response Functions


  1. Ideal Monatomic Gas: Microscopic Expression of Translational Entropy
  2. Ideal Gas of Diatomic Molecules: Microscopic Expressions for Rotational and Vibrational Entropy and Specific Heat
  3. Quantum Statistics and Bose-Einstein Condensation
  4. Lattice Models Including Ising
  5. Distribution Function Theory of Liquids
  6. Hard Core Interactions
  7. Perturbation Theories of Liquids
  8. Cell Theory and the Concept of Free Volume and Communal Entropy in Liquids
  9. Scaled Particle Theory and Calculation of Chemical Potential
  10. Phase Transition: Elementary Concepts
  11. Landau Theory of Phase Transitions: Order Parameter Expansion and Free Energy Diagrams
  12. Critical Phenomena: Universality, Scaling, and Renormalization Group
  13. Cluster Expansion and Mayer’s Theory of Condensation
  14. Yang-Lee Theory of Phase Transition
  15. Classical Density Functional Theory
  16. Surface Phenomena and Surface Tension
  17. Theory of Melting and Freezing and Glass Transition
  18. Nucleation, Ostwald Step Rule, and Nanomaterial Synthesis
  19. Spinodal Decomposition and Pattern Formation: Evolution of Structure through Dynamics


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