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Finance, Risk Management & Corporate Governance


Finance, Risk Management & Corporate Governance Overview: The Course This course offers insights into the world of corporate finance, risk, and governance. Capital markets are central the globalization phenomenon and essential for a well-functioning society. Because of this centrality and essential nature to societies, focus and attention must be paid to their proper functioning and […]

Executive Assistant/PA Advanced Masterclass (2-days)


Overview This is a two-day programmer, is great for anyone who may already have the skills or be working as a PA and who want to enhance their career further.  The high quality programmer is led by a professional tutor and each day covers the following: Day One: Introduction: The role of the PA/Executive Assistant […]

Meetings and Minutes Seminar AP


Overview This seminar is one of our most popular seminars and is perfect for anyone who is involved in organising meetings and taking notes at those meetings. During the seminar, you will learn how to; Understand the key elements of a successful meeting Plan the meeting: purpose of meetings; the role and responsibilities of the […]

A Premium A-Z Executive PA Masterclass


Overview This Executive PA Masterclass seminar is a workshop created and led by Lindsay Taylor of Your Excellency. you’ll focus and hone the strategies and skills required to work enhance your PA career to a higher level. Description If you’re short on time and need to gain top Executive PA skills, this two day tutor-led […]

Executive PA Seminar


his seminar is run on a one or two-day basis and takes an in-depth look at the role of the Executive PA and the importance of this role in any organisation. It is most appropriate for those who have recently been promoted to the role of PA or who wish to progress to a more […]

Effective strategies for planning complex executive travel


Planning complex logistics for multi-destination travel can be overwhelming for some, relaxing for others and a nightmare for certain business travel. When traveling on business, either a series of photo shoot locations or business meetings, your schedule dictates your travel pattern and this can often range from ‘challenging’ to ‘impossible.’     So what does […]

Establishing the objectives of the modern PA


The Aims of This Course This is a great course for senior and intermediate level PAs. It provides excellent tips and fundamental strategies for adding value to your role while increasing productivity. focuses on 4 areas that collectively enable PAs to update their skills with the latest strategies and PA best practice. This course helps […]

PA Duties: Mastering the Essentials Course


WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND This course provides top tips for PAs that refresh their PA skills and introduce the latest PA best practice. PAs discover new techniques and learn how to think beyond the obvious. This course provides a comprehensive workbook with resources, checklists and supplementary information that PAs can dip into as the need arises.  Core skills […]



HOW WILL THIS TRAINING COURSE HELP? If you are looking for a top PA training course and top tips for Executive Assistants, the Advanced Executive PA Masterclass training course is, without a doubt, one of the best Executive Assistant training courses on the market today. It is designed for Executive PAs and EAs who would […]

Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Excellent Leadership(100 MG)


growing number of leaders are placed in a position of responsibility and asked to serve as leaders with expectations that are constantly increasing. Leaders are expected to demonstrate extensive knowledge, allocate rewards, achieve organizational objectives and provide exemplary leadership to others amongst many other responsibilities. High competency in communicating, influencing, motivating others and managing emotions […]

Advanced Project Management


Overview: INTRODUCTION This training session is for experienced project managers examines advanced project and program management techniques, building on the basics to help ensure success even for large and risky projects and programs. This program stresses project management processes as an integral part of organizational culture and what senior management must do to support it […]

Help Desk Manager


Help Desk Manager Course overview You’ll learn how to champion the support center to c-level management communication and promoting the pivotal role of the help desk and support center to the organization you’ll also learn techniques to better manage relationships ,how to build vision/mission statements ,key tools and processes that lead to optimal support center […]

Type& Basics of Human Resource Management


Overview: Introduction This course provides a comprehensive and modern overview of the role and activities of the Human Resource Personnel (HR) Department. It presents the latest tools and techniques for the effective management of people. Participants will learn about the processes involved, the systems used and the skills needed to be successful in a modern […]

Advanced Mechanical Engineering


Section I   Overview: Mechanical engineering is at the centre of the chemical, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. It requires familiarity not only with sound engineering principles, but also with other engineering techniques including inspection, monitoring and condition evaluation. The mechanical engineer is interested in safe containment and movement of solids, liquids and gases. Of […]

CIPD Qualifications


Why study for a CIPD Qualification? The CIPD programmes each year to: Enhance their knowledge on the latest theory, case studies and insights into best practice HR Significantly increase their earning potential Boost their career opportunities as CIPD’s qualifications are valued by employers. You can be sure a CIPD qualification will equip you with the […]

Conferences :Human Resources Management (Certified HR Professional)


Overview: The Course This program deals with the latest innovations and direction of today’s Human Resource Departments. This essential program will provide you with the best in new techniques, processes and direction that leading HR departments need to take to be world class. Rapid and radical change is affecting the whole of the world. Some […]

Conferences :Business Brain Train: The Whole Brain Approach To Business Effectiveness


Overview: Introduction When did you last stop to think about how you work at work – and whether the way you work could be changed to help you be more successful? The Business Brain Train Seminar provides a thoroughly enjoyable environment for you to explore these questions. It shows how to make yourself more effective […]

Conferences :Financial Management for Projects & Contracts


Overview: INTRODUCTION With increasing competition and focus on corporate earnings, project and contract managers are held accountable, not just for achieving technical and scheduling goals, but also for meeting profitability targets and other cost related measures. This training session explores the financial metrics that are commonly used and also examines the less frequently thought of […]

Strategies of planning, management, guidance and crisis management


introduction: Strategic Crisis Planning and Disaster Strategic Plan: A set of agreed arrangements, regulations and preparations for dealing with disasters before, during and after their occurrence. The strategic contingency planning process can be applied to institutions and organizations, especially health ones Main topics: Disaster planning requirements 1. Recognition and conviction of risks 2. Make organizations, […]

Risk assessment and decision making in oil and gas


Introduction   Because of increased pressure to deliver projects on time, within budget and with the agreed components, the need to identify, manage and control the project-based risks becomes central to success . Project Managers need to use tried and accepted techniques for managing identified risks and have access to practical strategies for dealing with […]

Managing Business Risk in oil and gas


Overview: Introduction   Large capital-intensive projects in the oil and gas industries require substantial – and mostly risky – investments in the acquisition, exploration, and subsequent operation and maintenance of new organizational assets.   The decision whether or not to invest in new capital projects in the oil and gas industry, starts with critical decisions […]

Leadership, Vision and Organizational Reality


INTRODUCTION The programme will show you how to inspire and empower any team or organization to achieve outstanding results. You will be able to introduce your own leadership vision and manage more effectively to have a major impact on your organization’s performance and achievement. You will return home confident in your abilities to fire up the spirit […]

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